Tie The Knot Partners With Freedom For All Americans During #GiveOUT Campaign


We are excited to launch the 2nd week of our #GiveOUT campaign with Freedom for All Americans! Buying any Tie The Knot product this week will directly support their impactful work!

In 2018 alone, Freedom for All Americans won the first statewide ballot fight in US history specifically centered on transgender rights, inspiring the MA electorate to vote 68% in favor of keeping Massachusetts’ state LGBTQ nondiscrimination law fully intact. They also led the campaign in New Hampshire to pass and sign into law – with deep bipartisan support – HB1319, a bill that updated the state’s non-discrimination law to include comprehensive protections for all LGBTQ people. Freedom for All Americans also collaborated with Equality Ohio to pass new LGBTQ non-discrimination protections in Cuyahoga County by organizing the small business community, driving earned media efforts, and providing social media support.

In Alaska, they spearheaded communications and messaging strategies focused on local voters in Anchorage, AK to encourage their favor for dignity and equality at the ballot - where the electorate rejected Proposition 1, the ballot initiative that sought to erase municipal protections for transgender people.

Your support will help launch FFAA’s new strategic roadmap to win comprehensive LGBTQ nondiscrimination protections nationwide by 2025. To that end, FFAA will continue passing legislative and policy protections at state and municipal levels – just as they did in New Hampshire. They will continue defending hard-won victories against legislative and ballot repeal efforts in key states – they are prepared to fight effectively wherever they’re needed, as they did in Anchorage and MA. And they will build momentum, urgency, and action for federal protections so we all have the freedom to work, live, and love – no matter who we are, or where we live.

Time and again, FFAA has rallied Americans to realize for LGBTQ people the promise of liberty and justice that has made this nation great. We encourage your support of Freedom For All Americans with a year-end donation.

100% of Tie The Knot profits go to front-line LGBTQ organizations. All proceeds raised from the sale of our Tie The Knot Collection this week will be donated directly to Freedom For All Americans.