Just Love Campaign

This February, Tie The Knot is launching its Just Love Campaign, in partnership with our best selling bow tie collection! 

When Tie The Knot was founded in 2012 to advocate for marriage equality throughout the United States, only six states and Washington D.C. recognized marriages for same-sex couples. Today, having raised over $500,000 – five years and forty-four states later – the initial Tie The Knot goal of realizing full federal marriage equality was accomplished. Today, same-sex couples across the country can marry in all 50 states and have their marriages recognized. 

But there is still so much work to do! So, as we launch our Winter 2017 "Best of" Collection with your favorite designs reimagines, we want to celebrate - just love!

Along with our Just Love Campaign and best-selling collection, we created a photo-sharing contest to go along with it. Make sure to check out the Just Love Campaign page on our website to find out how you could win a free bow tie! 

As we embark on 2017, let's make it a universal goal to spread a little love. We hope you join us this February in doing just that!