Tie The Knot Partners With OutRight Action International During #GiveOUT Campaign


We are excited to launch the 3rd week of our #GiveOUT campaign with OutRight Action International! Buying any Tie The Knot product this week will directly support their impactful and critical international work for our LGBTIQ community!

OutRight Action International is a leading organization dedicated to human rights advocacy on behalf of people who experience discrimination or abuse on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. 

OutRight has been fighting for the human rights of LGBTIQ people since 1990. In at least 72 countries globally, same-sex relations (let alone relationship recognition) between consenting adults remains illegal; penalties range from corporal punishment, to jail terms, to life imprisonment, to the death penalty. OutRight partners with local LGBTIQ organizations across four regions and maintains a cross-regional LGBTIQ initiative at the United Nations in New York.

OutRight holds governments accountable at the United Nations, where they are the only LGBTIQ organization with access and a permanent presence at UN Headquarters in NY. They also publish their own research about LGBTIQ rights and abuses globally, and support grassroots activists around the world. Throughout the year OutRight brings human rights defenders to NY to speak about the violence and persecution they face at the UN. By speaking truth to power, they bring a human face to LGBTIQ people and show that we exist everywhere, and that we deserve basic human dignity, safety, freedom and equality.

This week, 40+ LGBTIQ activists are sharing their stories with OutRight at the UN, learning valuable advocacy skills they can bring back to their own countries and creating a network of leaders that will strengthen and support each other. From Singapore to St. Lucia and from Morocco to Mexico, OutRight is partnering with grassroots groups on the ground to protect and advance LGBTIQ human rights.

100% of Tie The Knot profits go to front-line LGBTQ organizations. All proceeds raised from the sale of our Tie The Knot Collection this week will be donated directly to OutRight Action International.